new公告-3/30(一)起百人演講課程採彈性線上授課new公告-3/30(一)起百人演講課程採彈性線上授課 Important Notice for students taking courses with over 100 enrollments

2020-03-26 (All day)
Dear CMU Professors and Students,
      3/30日(一)起避免群聚感染風險,學校將啟動選課人數達百人的講演課程(Lecture courses) 
Starting from March 30th (Mon), to avoid the risk of cluster outbreak, all Lecture
Courses with over 100 students will adopt to a flexible online teaching method. Laboratory 
Courses with over 100 students will be adjusted according to the space of the classrooms. 
Please refer to the attachment for the Lecture Courses with over 100 students.
To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Ministry of Education requires
every instructor and student to establish a complete “Contact History”. For those 
flexible online courses, students can decide whether to take the courses on-site at
the campus or with online self-learning. The instructors will record the learning status
of all students, including those attending the lectures and those learning online. Absences 
from the class will not affect your conduct grade nor will it be shown on your transcript.
However, if you take courses with online self-learning, please go to the Student Information
System to check if you have an absence record. If the absence record is shown, be sure to 
check the “self-learning” button, then your absence record will be removed.
The instructors will announce how the online courses work, as well as information about
the homework, reports, exams, and other assessment methods. Please pay careful attention to
the Moodle system, department website, course online groups, or the announcements related to 
your courses.
讓我們一起守護彼此的健康平安。敬祝 平安!
Since the beginning of this semester, the Offices of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs,
General Affairs, Information Center, Graduate Student Affairs, Global Affairs and many other offices 
have been working hard on the preventive measures and the plan for online courses. Please be alert, 
wash your hands frequently, wear mask, avoid public gatherings, manage your personal health condition, 
and follow CMU’s preventive measures. A successful epidemic prevention work relies on cooperation 
from each one of us. We need everyone's effort to protect the health of all CMU members.
教務處 敬啟
Office of Academic Affairs
2020/03/28 16:00更新