Important Update! Self-Health Monitoring 2.0

2020-03-30 (All day)

Dear CMU faculty, staff and students,

Recently, the number of people returning from abroad who need to undergo home quarantine or home isolation is increasing rapidly. Therefore, to protect the health of all CMU members and our family, if you have made contact with family members or friends who are under home quarantine or isolation after March 6, please do report to either the CMU prevention measure contact person, the Health Center, or the Campus Security. Moreover, according to the resolution of the 41th meeting of the CMU Prevention Measure Team, please start a 14-day Self-Health Monitoring (same as the schedule of home quarantine or isolation person) and do not come to the campus (students can apply for the Epidemic Leave). During Self-Health Monitoring period, do not leave home if unnecessary, if you really have to go out, be sure to wear a mask all the time. At the same time, be sure to check your body temperature twice a day and report your condition here: for the follow-up health monitoring measures. If you have respiratory symptoms such as fever or cough, please report to the prevention measure contact person or call the prevention line, and seek for medical treatment as soon as possible.

A successful epidemic prevention work relies on cooperation from each one of us. Please do cooperate and comply with the above regulation.

Reminder: If any concealment is found, one may be penalized according to the related CMU regulations.


Prevention Measure Contact Person: Class Service Crew Leader or Department Office

Prevention line:

Office Hour:

Taichung Campus-Health Center: 04-2205-3366 ext. 1250、1258

Beigang Campus-Student Affairs Office: 05-7833039 ext. 1109、1200

Off-Duty Hour:

Taichung Campus Security: 04-22022205 (24 hr available)

Beigang Campus Security: 05-7832020 (24 hr available)


Self-Health Monitoring Q&A

Q1: How long shall the Self-Health Monitoring be?

A: Same as the schedule of home quarantine or isolation person that you have made contact with. Ended at the day they have completed the quarantine or isolation.

Q2: Can I come to the campus to take courses?

A: You are advised to stay at home when undergoing the Self-Health Management. You may apply for the Epidemic Leave during this period. If you have any questions about taking courses online, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs.









台中健康中心(衛生保健區):04-2205-3366 分機1250、1258

北港學務分組(衛生保健區):05-7833039 分機1109、1200




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