Important Notice for Virus Prevention: Any CMU student, faculty and staff who has contact with members from the Friendship Flotilla, please start a 14-day Self-Health Management as of today!

2020-04-21 (All day)

Dear CMU members,

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has reported 24 confirmed COVID-19 cases from the navy’s “Friendship Flotilla”. In order to protect the health of CMU members and our families, we ask you to comply with the following regulations:

  1. If you have ever had contact with members from the Friendship Flotilla, please DO report to the prevention measure contact person or prevention hotline. In addition, according to the 50th meeting of the CMU Epidemic Prevention Team, please start a 14-day Self-Health Management as from the day of contact (the same schedule as the flotilla personnel that you had contact with). During the Self-Health Management period, do not come to the campus (students can apply for the Epidemic Leave), and do not leave home unless necessary. If you really need to go out, be sure to wear a mask all the time.
  2. So far, all the counties have released footprints of the confirmed cases. If you have received a public warning message from CECC, it indicates that you have been at the same location during the same period of time with a flotilla confirmed case. If this happens, please do report to the university ( Also, start to use the on-line courses for your learning recently. If you need to enter the campus, please do wear a mask all the time. In case you suffer from symptoms like fever, respiratory syndrome, loss of senses of taste and smell, unexplained diarrhea, please report to the CMU Health Center and do not come to the campus for work or classes.
  3. Be sure to report your body temperature and health condition on the CMU Self-Health Monitoring System. If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, unexplained diarrhea, or loss of sense of smell and taste, please do report to the prevention measure contact person or call the prevention hotline, and seek for medical treatment as soon as possible. Campus virus prevention relies on each one of us. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
  4. A reminder: If any concealment is found, one may be penalized according to the related CMU regulations. Moreover, for this coming Labor’s day holiday on May 1, please also avoid going to crowded places or popular tourist spots. The virus prevention is a long-term battle. Thank you very much for your cooperation and effort for a safe campus.

Prevention Measure Contact Person: Class Service Crew Leader or Department Office

Prevention line:

Office Hour:

Taichung Campus-Health Center: 04-2205-3366 ext. 1250、1258

Beigang Campus-Student Affairs Office: 05-7833039 ext. 1109、1200

Off-Duty Hour:

Taichung Campus Security: 04-22022205 (24 hr available)

Beigang Campus Security: 05-7832020 (24 hr available)


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1.      若您曾與該艦隊人員有接觸情形者,請您主動透過校內防疫窗口或防疫專線向健康或校安中心回報。依第50次防疫小組會議決議,請教職員生自接觸日起開始進行自主健康管理14天(敦睦艦隊隔離者期程同步),健康管理期間請不要進入校園(學生假別:防疫假)非必要請勿外出,若需外出請務必全程戴口罩。

2.      目前各縣市已公布敦睦艦隊確診者足跡,若您收到疫情警示的細胞簡訊,表示您曾和武漢肺炎確診個案同時位於同一地點,須主動通報學校 (,並請您近期內採遠距教學或自主線上學習為主,若需入校請全程配戴口罩。如有發燒、呼吸道症狀、味嗅覺喪失、不明腹瀉等症狀,立即通知健康中心,不可到校上班、上課。

3.      請務必落實每日線上填報體溫與健康狀態,以利後續健康管理。若有發燒、咳嗽等呼吸道症狀不明原因腹瀉或味嗅覺喪失時,請務必立即通知防疫窗口或防疫專線並盡速就醫,校園防疫人人有責,謝謝您的配合!





台中健康中心(衛生保健區):04-2205-3366 分機1250、1258

北港學務分組(衛生保健區):05-7833039 分機1109、1200




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