Notice from Office of Academic Affairs: Course Adjustment due to the Mitigation of the Epidemic Situation

2020-05-11 (All day)

According to the Central Epidemic Command Center, some public activities have been gradually reopened due to the mitigation situation of the pandemics. Therefore, to strengthen the previous online learning program, CMU will make adjustment for lecture courses to enhance the interaction in classes.

  1. For all instructors, please give lectures in the designated classrooms, and continue to record your courses (either synchronous or asynchronous) for the online courses mode.
  2. For the courses with over 40 enrolled students, students will be required either physically attend the classes or take the on-line learning according to their student ID numbers. Students with IDs of odd number will need to attend the classes at odd weeks, while students with IDs of even number will need to attend the classes at even weeks. The instructors shall also check the attendance/absence of the students each week. However, students may have flexible options:
  • Those who prefer to physically attend classes on campus may come to the classes every week.
  • Those who are unable to come to the campus due to epidemic prevention reasons or those who are still worried about the epidemic situation, please inform your instruction by email in advance. Be sure to explain the reason and notify where (ex: at home, dormitory, library…) you will be taking the courses online.
  1. Instructors remain the rights to modify the classroom management of the courses if there is any special need for teaching, and the above regulations for odd/even week is not mandatory. However, please make sure to clearly inform the enrolled students about the regulations.
  2. Please practice good personal hygiene, always wear a mask in campus, and keep social distances. For those taking courses online, please do not travel far and avoid going to crowed places.
  3. The above regulation will start from May 13th (Wed), 11th week of the semester (odd week). We kindly request all instructors to announce your teaching method and regulations in your courses.


Thank you very much for cooperating with the changes of the course regulation during the epidemic prevention period. Should you have any questions, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs (ext. 1133. 1126)


教務處公告:第四階段 因應疫情好轉調整全校上課方式




  •   喜好課堂上課模式者,不受單雙週之限制。
  •   疫情期間因某些因素無法到校者或仍很擔心疫情者,請事先主動以email告知老師無法到校,並說明原因,並也請說明會在哪一個

             場地 (例如:在家、宿舍、租屋處、圖書館...)進行線上自主學習,讓老師能夠掌握學生的動態。