Important Notice for Epidemic Prevention <防疫重要通知-請詳閱>

2021-05-14 (All day)

Dear CMU faculty, staff and students,

Due to the severe pandemic situation, please cooperate with the following epidemic prevention measures from now on:

  1. Make sure to report your health condition to the CMU Health Report System every day.
  2. If you have made contact with family members or friends who are under home quarantine or isolation, or you have been to the venues visited by confirmed cases, please do report to either the CMU prevention measure contact person or the Health Center, and start a self-heath management (the same schedule as the person that you had contact with). Do not come to the campus during self-health management, you may apply for Epidemic Leave. If you feel unwell with fever or respiratory symptoms, please do report to the CMU prevention line immediately and seek for medical help.
  3. Those who are not under home isolation, home quarantine or self-health management, please do not apply for Epidemic Leave.

A successful epidemic prevention work relies on cooperation from each one of us. Please do cooperate and comply with the above regulation. Thank you for your cooperation and effort to protect the health of all CMU members and our family.

Should you have any question, please contact the Health Center. 04-2205-3366 ext. 1250











謝謝您的協助配合!若有何問題請聯絡:健康中心衛保組 分機1250