Cancellation of Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2021 <109學年度校級畢業典禮停辦通知>

2021-05-14 (All day)

Congratulations to the graduates for completing your studies in CMU and moving on toward a new stage of life. However, due to the recent severe pandemic situation, all activities with participants over 100 people indoor or 500 people outdoor shall be suspended. Therefore, the Graduation Ceremony for the entire university will be cancelled, the Graduation Ceremony held by each department will be adopted instead. If there are more than 100 people in the ceremony held by the department, participants will need to break into smaller groups. In addition, to avoid cluster gathering, the ceremony will not be opened to the parents. Only CMU students, teachers, and staffs are invited.


This is a tough decision to make. Perhaps your life has changed due to the pandemic, but at the same time we can learn to cherish, be grateful, and tolerant. We hope that with the valuable experience gained in CMU, our graduates will be able to face and overcome the difficulties encountered in the future.


We will still decorate the campus with the theme for graduation ceremony for everyone to take photos. We look forward to working together to overcome the pandemic.



CMU Graduation Ceremony Preparation Committee