New Teaching Measures Starting from the 5th Week (October 12) 110學年度第一學期 第五週起(10/12) 防疫教學方式調整說明

2021-10-08 13:12

New Teaching Measures Starting from the 5th Week (October 12)


According to the latest regulation of the pandemic prevention measures in universities by the Ministry of Education, adjustment for the regulation for courses starting from the 5th weeks of the semester (October 12) are as follows:

  1. Teachers shall come to the campus to give lectures, record the teaching videos and upload them to the Moodle system or other online learning platforms. Students with special circumstances that cannot attend the course in campus (e.g. international students that haven’t arrived Taiwan, students under quarantine or self-isolation, or other special conditions) can take the course online.
  2. Classroom with capacity under 80 people: Students attend the course with fixed seats.
  3. Classroom with capacity over 80 people: Students attend the course with fixed seats and keep 1.5meter distance or 2.25 square meters per person. Students shall split into groups and take turns to engage in the courses both in-person and online.
  4. Classroom arrangement should follow the guidance with fixed seats and fixed members. Roll call shall be made for both in-person and online portion. Please register in the real-name registration system, and do not move the tables and seats in the classrooms.
  5. During the course, please wear a mask all the time and frequently disinfect your hands. Eating and drinking are not allowed.
  6. Classrooms shall maintain good ventilation and be disinfected regularly. If any equipment is used in class, they need to be properly disinfected as well.


Office of Academic Affairs and Graduate Student Affairs




110學年度第一學期 第五週起(10/12) 防疫教學方式調整說明




二、80人以下教室人數: 依實際座位數入座且不限梅花座/間隔座。

三、80人以上教室人數: 依實際座位數入座不限梅花座/間隔座,但須注意容留人數應符合室內空間至少間距1.5米/人或2.25平方米/人。請學生實體與線上輪流同步上課方式進行。






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