New Campus Pandemic Prevention Measures starting from November 2, 2021

2021-11-02 14:49

According to the latest announcement by Central Epidemic Command Center, the Ministry of Education has adjusted the pandemic prevention measures on campus starting from November 2, 2021.


  1. There will be no upper capacity limit set for the number of people in activities (including courses, activities, training, etc).
  2. Indoor and outdoor venues (including sports venues, library, classrooms, etc) no longer have the capacity limit.
  3. Please wear a mask all the time while staying on campus and register in the real-name registration system. For physical education courses, if the social distance can be maintained, you may take off the mask when exercising. The Athletic Department will announce more details later on.
  4. All teachers and students shall come to the campus to attend courses. During courses, eating and drinking are not allowed. Please also maintain good ventilation in classrooms. Students with special circumstances that cannot physically attend the course on campus (e.g. international students, students under quarantine or self-isolation, or other special conditions) shall inform your instructor in advance, so that the instructor can know the number of students and prepare for the online course.












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